DM-III Label Dispensers

Dispensa-matic offers the "III" models in 6", 10", and 16" versions.  The "III" models accept both roll and fan-folded "Butt-cut" or "die-cut" labels.  The DM-III model is the most versatile machine on the market.  This unit is customized to fit the application. 


(This is generation one with the foot switch.)

The Dispensa-Matic "6-III" handles labels up to 5" widths, the "10-III" for labels up to 9", and the "16-III" for up to 15" width.  The DMIII series dispensers will dispense the label sticky side up for easy "press on" application.  These dispensers can also be set up with a longer shelf for longer labels.  Call or email us with your special application and we will start the process of finding you the best dispenser for your application.

The Generation one model was supplied with the foot switch.  Press the foot switch and a label is dispensed sticky side up.  Generation Two utilizes a photo eye to dispense a label and when the operator removes the label, a new label will dispense automatically.  All three models have the same price structure.  The best way to determine the best fit is to forward your labels and sample containers to the factory for the engineers to work up the best solution. 

Item Number
Model Number
6" Photo Eye
10" Photo Eye
16" Photo Eye

We will need samples of your container and a sample roll of your labels.  Call for more info.

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