Bottle-Matic Label Dispensers

Single Label Model:

or Front & Back (Two Sided):

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BOTTLE-MATICS Cylinder type label applicators.

Speeds up to 1000 Pieces per hour! 

Patent Pending.

A Real Time Saver for applying labels to any cylindrical object from .5" to 9" diameter,

Test Tubes to 1.5 gallon bottles at up to 1000 Pieces per hour!

  Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
 or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

Bottle-Matic bottle labelers are the perfect machine for labeling your cylindrical containers! Our machines will wrap your bottles, cans, tubes, and jars! It can even do tapered objects without customizing! The Bottle-Matic is now available in three different sizes to save on table space.

Even if your can or bottle has ridges we can customize the rollers to work with them. It's simple - just send us your container and a roll of labels, then we'll do the rest. We work with the factory at Dispensamatic to customize your Bottle-Matic.  Customizing is based on an hourly charge, but if we can't make it work, you'll pay NOTHING!

Item Number Model Number Description
135M-BM16 Bottle-Matic 16" Single Sided Label Dispenser up to 15 1/2"
135M-BM10 Bottle-Matic 10" Single Sided Label Dispenser up to 9 1/2"
135M-BM6 Bottle-Matic 6" Single Sided Label Dispenser up to 5 1/2"
135M-BMII16 Bottle-Matic II 16" Two Sided Label Dispenser up to 15 1/2"
135M-BMII10 Bottle-Matic II 10" Two Sided Label Dispenser up to 9 1/2"
135M-BMII6 Bottle-Matic II 6" Two Sided Label Dispenser up to 5 1/2"
135A-0010 BM014 Standard Pressure Arm
135A-BMDSO BMDSO 2 1/2 Second Delay Shut Off Board

* New Lower Prices and the factory now includes the  Pressure Arm on all models. 

Standard machine takes up to a 9” diameter roll.  With the optional roll adapter the unit will take a roll up to 15”. In either case the maximum weight shouldn’t be more than 10lbs. Also, like most our machines you can also use fan-fold labels as long as the labels feed thru the web freely. Minimum gap between the die cut labels for the machine to work is 1/8".

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Warranty:  Limited 3 Full Years on parts and labor!

We offer the ultimate protection for shipping or mailing wine bottles via small package delivery systems.

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