Bottle-Matic II Label Dispenser

For applying either single or double sided labels to round containers.  This unit is great for short run wine and beer labeling as well as jellies, jams, sauces, and spice containers.

135M-BMII Series Bottle-Matic II
Two Sided Cylinder Label Dispensers

Available in 6", 10" and 16" models.

Dispensamatic Bottlematic II

Pressure Arm help keep empty containers in place during the labeling process.

The roll of labels on a 3" core receive the core guides (2) shown above, then the large roll guides (2), spring washers (2), and thumb screw locking collars (2).  The roll of labels is placed on the rod so the label peels off the roll between the two plates and in front of the switch pictured below.

The switch pictured above is assessable from the underside of the Bottlematic II.  This switch stops the label feeding when the leading edge of the next label contacts the lever. Minimum gap between the die cut labels for the machine to work is 1/8".

After loading the labels the operator selects either single label or double label by flipping the switch located between the motor covers.

If double labels are selected for front and back application, the operator for gaps over 1/2" uses the following formula.  Take the total circumference of the bottle less the total width of both labels, divide by half, and set the dial to the results.  Test a bottle and check accuracy.  If the gaps between the labels are not even, adjust the switch up or down and test again.  The lever on the side of the dial locks in the position of the knob to maintain the setting.  The switch on the left is the main power switch.  The manufacturer recommend running the unit for 15 minutes before production starts to fully warm up the unit.

Once the label adjustment is found, the operator places the container to be labeled against the stop guide.

The Bottlematic II is operated when the operator presses the foot switch.

Item Number Model Number Description
135M-BM16 Bottle-Matic 16" Single Sided Label Dispenser up to 15 1/2"
135M-BM10 Bottle-Matic 10" Single Sided Label Dispenser up to 9 1/2"
135M-BM6 Bottle-Matic 6" Single Sided Label Dispenser up to 5 1/2"
135M-BMII16 Bottle-Matic II 16" Two Sided Label Dispenser up to 15 1/2"
135M-BMII10 Bottle-Matic II 10" Two Sided Label Dispenser up to 9 1/2"
135M-BMII6 Bottle-Matic II 6" Two Sided Label Dispenser up to 5 1/2"
135A-0010 BM014 Standard Pressure Arm
135A-BMDSO BMDSO 2 1/2 Second Delay Shut Off Board

Dispensamatic includes a DVD with each dispenser to explain the set up for the BottleMatic II.  We highly recommend reviewing the DVD and using it as a training tool for all your operators.  The guide above is only for informative purposes for potential customers to review for purchase decisions.  If you have a roll of labels available and 6-12 containers, send them to our location listed on our order page and we will set up a machine and video a demo for your review.  If you have a Skype (www.skype.com) account we will set up our camera for a live demo.

  Made in USA

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