Large Label Dispensers

Have wide labels? 

Dispensa-matic offers the "II" models in 6", 10", and 16" versions.  The "II" models accept both roll and fan-folded "Butt-cut" or "die-cut" labels.  Why buy a manual dispenser for $50.00 when an automatic will work better?

The Dispensa-Matic "6-II" handles labels up to 5" widths, the "10-II" for labels up to 9", and the "16-II" for up to 15" width.  If dispensing Mylar labels an optional sharp edge table is available.  Order the Micro-switch Extension Kit for long depth labels.  For longer than 3" multiple row labels, order the optional foot switch.

Click for operating instructions in PDF format.

Item Number Model Number Description
135M-0006 Dispensa-Matic "6-II" 6" Label
135M-0010 Dispensa-Matic "10-II" 10" Label
135M-0016 Dispensa-Matic "16-II" 16" Label
135A-MSEK Extension Kit Micro Switch Extension Kit
135A-00FS Foot Switch Foot Switch

  Made in USA

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 or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!