Dispensa-matic U-25

The U25 accepts roll stock labels up to 2 1/2" widths.

Key Benefits

Affordable automatic label dispensers for rolled labels. As label is removed, the machine will automatically peel the next label and place it in the ready position for the operator to take.


The U25 standard unit offers a lever actuated switch to advance the next label out.  The U25PE Photo Eye model utilizes a sensor allowing for easier access to your labels.


U-25 accommodates up to 2 ½" wide labels. Unit accepts up to a 6" diameter roll of labels and has a dispensing plate which can be adjusted for improved label control.

Item Number Model Number Description
135M-0025 U25 2 1/2" Lever
135M-0025PE U25PE 2 1/2" w/Photo Eye

  Made in USA

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