Introducing the FP

Mini Pak'r™

Why?  Peanuts are great, but... they are a mess.  The bags are bulky and difficult to store, the hopper takes time to fill, and they can be impossible to contain in one place.  Even we will use them for packing to recycle them.  But what a mess.

Bubble wrap is another void fill method.  A roll of bubble wrap is easier to handle than peanuts, cleaner to use, but it is even more difficult to handle from the point of use around a packing bench.  Finding a place to hold the roll is a challenge, especially the larger bubble size where the diameter of the roll can be 4 foot in diameter.  Another problem with peanuts and bubble wrap is the cost of shipping.  As the buyer you are paying for empty space, hence the name void fill.

You can always save the newspaper but the ink will end up on the packers hands and then on the products you are shipping.  Newspaper can be the dirtiest of them all.

The solution?   The FP International on-demand table top or optional wall mount air cushion packaging machine.  The Mini Pak'r offers the ability to store your material in the flat, then produce the void fill you need on demand.  Simple and easy to use since the Mini Pak'r utilizes RFID technology to instruct the machine on how much heat is need to seal the bag and how much air to fill.  The easy control panel even allows the operator to tweak the setting depending upon the environment and packing needs.  Order the 128M-MiniPakr for only $1,795.00 plus shipping. 

 Optional wall mount Item #128A-WMK

Select from six different types of air cushions bags to meet the different types of packaging you might need from bulk to individual wrap protection.  Your savings will start from the moment you bring in the material for the unit.  Instead of looking for a large area to store your current void fill product, you can stash multiple rolls under the shipping bench with ease.  The rolls also ship via UPS standard rates instead of dimensional weight.

The Mini Pak'r is easy to use.  For the shipping department looking to do more with less space, pack faster, work more efficient.

Mount the roll of material on the core holder with the small opening on the right

to accept the air nozzle. 

Slip the open end of the bag over the nozzle: 

and pull the material through the machine as you press the green feed button.

 As the material runs through the fill and seal system the operator only needs to tear the amount required at the perforations from the filled roll to get what they need to fill the void.  The sealing unit is small, compact, and very rugged to give years of service.

Select from six different air cushion on demand air bags:

Pictured left to right (Black lines show the different air chambers):

Novus Double Cushion Film - Item# 128C-FMPDCL8650, 1.76mil. LDPE 15.5"W x 656LF/Roll (1 per carton)   This film is great for large void fill.

Novus Supertube Film - Item# 128C-FMPSTL8650, 1.76mil. LDPE 15.5"W x 656LF/Roll (1 per carton)

Cell-O EZ Film - Item# 128C-FMPEZL2048, 1.2mil. LD 8"W x 1066LF/Roll, (2 Rolls per carton)

Cell-O EZ Film - Item# 128C-FMPEZL2088, 1.2mil. LD 8"W x 1066LF/Roll, (2 Rolls Per Carton)

Novus Quilt Large Film - Item# 128C-FMPQLL8650, 1.76mil. LDPE 15.5"W x 656LF/Roll (1 per carton)

Novus Quilt Small Film - Item# 128C-FMPQSL8650, 1.76mil. LDPE 15.5"W x 656LF/Roll (1 per carton)

The Mini Pak'r is great for the smaller pack and ship departments.  For the larger shipping departments we recommend contacting FP direct to discover solutions that make even more economic sense.  Visit the FP website at: to learn more.

FP International is the trade name of Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Redwood City, California, USA.
MINI PAK’R is a FP International trademark. NOVUS and CELL-O are registered trademarks of Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc.