Marsh Stencil Express

Stencil Express


The Marsh Stencil Express is an electronic computer driven stencil cutting system.  The state of the art software is designed specifically to meet your varied stenciling requirements.  The "windows" based software program is designed to run directly from an existing PC and does not require a stand alone dedicated system.

Marsh Stencil Express with Stand

(Shown with Optional Stand)

Item Number
180M-SE100 Stencil Cutter System
180C-SE101 Ultra-Cut Polyethylene Film .008
180P-SE102 45 Degree Blade (Ultra-Cut)
180P-SE103 60 Degree Blade (Oil Board)
180A-SE104 Cutter Stand and Roll Holder
180C-OB11-44-RL-24 Oilboard, Natural 11 pt. 24"x100'
180P-SERP105200 Blade Holder
180P-SERP105953 Timing Belt
180P-SERP106381 Drive Belt