Marsh Machines

RP5100 Spring Lever Return RP5039 Spring, Pivot Shaft RP5075 Spring, Cutter Return RP5012X Spring Slide Assembly, Return RP5043X Shaft Assy, Pivot RP5072 Arm, Cutter Actuating RP1702L Latch Brush Tank RP33456 Left Side Plate - Black

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Marsh HT Brochure

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Part #        Description

RPTC03B   Bearing, Feed Wheel Shaft 
RP5056     Bearing, Main Shaft 
RP5008     Pad Foot 
RP33479    Plate, Left Side - Blue 
RP33456    Plate, Left Side - Black 
RP1912      Bushing, Water Level 
RP5090X    Pad Assembly, Stop 
RP5043X    Shaft Assembly, Pivot 
RP5039      Spring, Pivot Shaft 
RP5102X    Spring Slide Assembly, Return 
RP5100      Spring Lever Return 
RP5072      Arm, Cutter Actuating 
RP1606      Bushing, cutter Operating 
RP5075      Spring, Cutter Return 
RP1702L    Latch Brush Tank