Marsh Machines

RP5065 Gear, Drive w/Springs RP5060 Gear, Idler RP19712 Tube, Spacer RP5030X Wheel, w/Set Screw RP5030X Wheel, w/Set Screw RP5061 Shaft, Idler Gear RP5031 Shaft, Feed Wheel RP5031 Shaft, Feed Wheel RP5008 Pad Foot RP5008 Pad Foot Front of Machine Area RP5070X Gear, Feed Shaft w/Screw Gear Area Page

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Marsh HT Brochure

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Part #        Description

RPTC03B   Bearing 
RP5056     Bearing, Main Shaft 
RP5008     Pad Foot 
RP1702L    Latch Brush Tank 
RP5061      Shaft, Idler Gear 
RP5060      Gear, Idler 
RP5011      Bold Carriage 
RP5063X    Clutch Assembly, Roller (Engages with RP5065)
RP5065      Gear, Drive w/Springs 
RP5066      Spring, Clutch Return 
RP5031      Shaft, Feed Wheel 
RP5030X    Wheel, w/Set Screw 
RP5070X    Gear, Feed Shaft w/Screw 
RP19712    Tube, Spacer