Marsh Machines

RP33145 Cutter Assembly RP5095X Lever, Operation & Grip RP5005IN Scale RP29242 Tape Channel RP5025 Roller, Pressure/Brkt Assy. RP29242 Tape Channel Plate Assembly w/o Heater RP5020X Tank Post or Optional Heater Post RP33457 Right Side Plate - Black (Blue avail) RP1702L Latch RP33456 Left Side Plate - Black RP1909 Water Bottle Bracket RP5072 Cutter Actuating Arm RP5013 Stop Pad Nut Assembly

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Marsh HT Brochure

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Part #        Description

RP1909     Bracket, Water Bottle
RP33480    Plate, Right Side - Blue
RP33457    Plate, Right Side - Black 
RPTC03B   Bearing 
RP5056     Bearing, Main Shaft 
RP5008     Pad Foot 
RP5005IN  Scale, Length - Inches 
RPE/5005  Scale, Length - Metric 
RP33479    Plate, Left Side - Blue 
RP33456    Plate, Left Side - Black 
RP5072      Arm, Cutter Actuating 
RP5020X    Plate Assembly - Standard HT w/o Heater 
RP33141    Plate Assembly - 115v Heater 
RP33454    Plate Assembly - 220v Heater 
RP1392      Switch On/Off - 115v 
RPE/1393  Switch On/Off - 220v 
RP1807      Heater - 115v 
RPE/5150  Heater - 220v 
RP5121      Power Cord - 115v
RPE/5121  Power Cord - 220v 
RP1702L    Latch Brush Tank 
RP33145    Cutter Assembly 
RP5013X    Nut Assembly, Stop Pad 
RP5011      Bolt Carriage for Stop Pad Nut Assembly
RP5025      Roller, Pressure/Bracket Assembly 
RP5016      Shaft, Tape Roller 
RP5015X    Tape roller Assembly 
RP33138    Rod, Tie 
RP33135    Tape Receptacle 
RP29242    Tape Channel 
RP5095X    Lever, Operation and Grip