Marsh Machines

RP33456 Plate, Left Side - Black RP5095X Lever, Operation & Grip RP5015X Tape Roller Assembly RP5015X Tape Roller Assembly RP33135 Tape Receptacle RP33139 Tape Guide Assembly RP1909 Bottle Bracket RP33457 Plate, Right Side - Black RP5025 Roller, Pressure/Brkt Assy.

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Part #        Description

RP1909      Bottle Bracket
RP33480    Plate, Right Side - Blue
RP33457    Plate, Right Side - Black 
RP33479    Plate, Left Side - Blue 
RP33456    Plate, Left Side - Black 
RP5025      Roller, Pressure/Bracket Assembly 
RP5016      Shaft, Tape Roller (for RP5015X)
RP5015X    Tape roller Assembly 
RP33139    Tape Guide Assembly 
RP33138    Rod, Tie 
RP33135    Tape Receptacle 
RP29242    Tape Channel 
RP5095X    Lever, Operation and Grip 
RP33140    Bold, Shoulder - Tape Receptacle