Department Shredders by Martin Yale®

Looking for the ultimate office solution? Do you have too much information needing to be destroyed? These Shredders are in their own league.

Intimus® 702 Series Shredder

  • Automatic On/Off via light barrier
  • Manual "On/Off" and "Jam Detection"
  • Indicators for "Ready", "Bag Full" and "Paper Jams"
  • On casters for easy mobility
  • Quiet and dust-free operation
  • Electronic system with microprocessor
  • Optional space-saving shelf
  • Specially hardened steel cutting cylinders allow to shred paper clips, staples, CDs, DVDs and 3.5" floppy disks

The from offers uncompromising data protection with a powerhouse performance. It's efficient. It's reliable. It's quality!  

Model 702SC (697124) 702SC (697114SPL*) 702CC (697134) 702SF
Shred Size 1/4" x 1" 1/8" x 1" 5/32" x 1 13/16" .8mm x 4.5mm
Shred Type Strip-cut Strip-cut Cross-cut Cross-cut
Capacity 65-70 sheets* 40-45 sheets* 50-55 sheets* 10-16 sheets*
Speed 24 ft. per minute 24 ft. per minute 24 ft. per minute 24 ft. per minute
Throat Size 16" inches 16" inches 16" inches 16" inches
Shred Container 6.1 cubic feet 6.1 cubic feet 6.1 cubic feet 6.1 cubic feet
Supply Voltage 115v 115v 115v 115v
Power Consumption 2.5 hp 2.5 hp 2.5 hp 2.5 hp
Dimensions 26" x 22" x 41 3/8" 26" x 22" x 41 3/8" 26" x 22" x 41 3/8" 26" x 22" x 41 3/8"
Weight 198 lbs. (unpacked) 198 lbs. (unpacked) 198 lbs. (unpacked) 198 lbs. (unpacked)
Accessories PB4 PB4 PB4 PB4
Item Number 188M-697124 188M-697114SPL 188M-697134 188M-702SF


802CC Cross-Cut Departmental Shredder

  • Automatic, via light barrier
  • Manual, via multi-function button
  • Auto Reverse when overloaded and reversed
  • LEDs for "paper jam", "bin full", and "door open"
  • Dustproof enclosure - mounted on rollers for flexible use
  • Large shelf - hinged to save space
  • Telescopic sliding frame with changeable plastic bags
  • Accepts CD & DVDs, Staples, Paper Clips, Floppy Disks
Shred Size: 1/16" x 9/16" Shred Type: Cross-cut Throat Size: 17 inches
Speed: 60 ft. per minute Capacity: 35-40 sheets* Power Consumption: 5.33hp
Supply Voltage: 220v Shred Container: 7.2 cubic feet Accessories: PB11
Weight: 408 lbs. (unpacked) Dimensions: 30” x 22” x 50 3/8” Model:  802CC (648104)
  Item #188M-648104 $CALL

High capacity coupled with high performance and a working width of 17 inches for shredding large size media.


Intimus® 852CC Cross-Cut Departmental Shredder

  • Easy operation with rotary main switch
  • Automatic reverse in case of paper jam
  • Optical or audible fault indication
  • Wide slot feed opening for flat paper - large hopper accepts entire bin full
  • Large capacity, full enclosed dust-free mobile base with removable catchbasket
  • Continuous duty motor, maintenance free
Capacity: 70-80 sheets Shred Size: 1/8" x 1 1/2" Throat Size: 17"
Shred Type: Cross-cut Shred Container: 7.2 cubic feet Speed 41/71 ft. per minute
Electrical:  220 V Power Consumption: 5.33Hp Model 852CC (649104)
Weight:  419 Lbs. Dimensions: 30" x 22" x 63" Item #188M-649104     $CALL


PB11 Shredder Bags MR8330030 Paper Shelf MR8330040 Support Bar
The Intimus® 852CC is a perfect centralizing shredder for collected waste, computer forms and bulk materials. The hopper accommodates whole waste can loads of common office trash.


S407 The "Bull" Departmental Shredder

  • Wide 16" working width for E.D.P. and oversized documents
  • High capacity for large volume applications
  • No need to remove staples or paper clips with the unique self-adjusting torsion cutting system
  • Key lock protected, chain driven and fully safety featured
  • Optional mobile stand for absolute versatility
  • Optional forms rack available
  • Continuous duty motor, maintenance free
Capacity: 50 sheets Shred Size: 1/4" Shred Type: Strip Cut
Speed 60 ft. per minute Shred Container: 6.3 cubic feet Throat Size: 16"
Electrical:  115 V Power Consumption: 2.5Hp Model S407 (00407)
Weight:  192 Lbs. Dimensions: 25" x 16" x 10" Item #188M-00407   $CALL
PB4 100 Shredder Bags 78641 S407 stand MR3930100 paper shelf
188C-PB4   188A-78641   188A-MR3930100  
The "Bull" Departmental shredder is great for in the office or in the warehouse.
The machine that set the standards for other paper shredders.

*Based on a range of office papers (variable depending on paper quality, size, weight or grain & sufficient power supply). All measurements are nominal conversions of metric measurements. Subject to engineering changes and color variances.

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