Industrial Shredders by Martin Yale®

14.95 Industrial Shredders

  • Safe - has a locking master switch, reverse function, auto-off if waste bin is opened and thermo-sensor motor protection
  • Designed for easy operation with a conveyor belt feed system, 17" wide feed opening, easy to use/understand controls and an automatic anti-jam function
  • Depending on shredder - cutting speed is up to 55-60 ft. per minute
  • Easy to see lights for - "power on", "paper jam" and "bin door open"
  • Two switched for power - one On/Off with locking key and one with Off and Forward or Reverse function
  • Idling sound level approximately 68 dBA
  • Bin full warning with Auto-Stop
  • Bin door on right side - optional left side retro-fit kit available
  • 53 gallon capacity waste bin - optional baler available
  • Optional accessories include; feed table expander, emergency front stop bar, waste door hinge kit and baler

Designed for ease-of-use, mobility, high-volume performance and versatility!
3 shredders to choose from depending on the level of security required. 

Model 14.95 (698924) 14.95 (698904) 14.95 (698914)
Item Number 188M-698924 188M-698904 188M-698914
Price $Call $Call $Call
Shred Size 1/4" x 2" 1/4" 1/2"
Shred Type Cross-cut Strip-cut Strip-cut
Capacity 120-130 sheets 130-140 sheets 180-190 sheets
Speed 59 ft. per minute 55 ft. per minute 60 ft. per minute
Throat Size 17 inches 17 inches 17 inches
Shred Container 56 Gallons 56 Gallons 56 Gallons
Supply Voltage 220 V, 60Hz, three phase power supply required
Power Consumption 10 hp 10 hp 10 hp
Dimensions 66" x 31" x 65" 66" x 31" x 65" 66" x 31" x 65"
Weight 977 lbs. (unpacked) 977 lbs. (unpacked) 977 lbs. (unpacked)
Feed table expander Emergency, front stop bar Waste door hinge kit Baler


  16.50S Industrial Shredders

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The standard version: Data shredder with integrated mobile container for shredded material.

Wherever there is a need for shredding large quantities of expired/sensitive data, in strict compliance with data security practices, then it is more economical to do this at one "central" location. The extensive Intimus® selection of large shredders perfectly combines the performance and security requirements, guaranteeing an investment with an excellent price/performance equation.

Model 16.50 (1650-7.8) 16.50 (1650-11.8) 16.50 (1650-7.8CC) 16.50 (1650-11.8CC)
Shred Size 1/4" x 1" 1/2" x 1" 1/4" x 2" 1/2" x 2"
Shred Type Strip-cut
Capacity 350-420 sheets 450-550 sheets 350-420 sheets 450-550 sheets
Practical Capacity 1800 lb./hr. 2250 lb./hr. 1500 lb./hr. 1800 lb./hr.
Speed 50 ft. per minute
Throat Size 20 inches
Supply Voltage 220 V, three phase power supply required
Power Consumption 10 Hp
Dimensions 47 1/4" x 76 3/4" x 61"
Weight 1,600 Lbs.
Accessories PB1 PB1 PB1 PB1

*Based on a range of office papers (variable depending on paper quality, size, weight or grain & sufficient power supply). All measurements are nominal conversions of metric measurements. Subject to engineering changes and color variances.

Specialty Models