Bursters by Martin Yale®

The Martin Yale 970A bursts up to 5 part forms and is simple to set up and operate.  Unit is capable of slitting the edges off of a single ply document only.  As always, the nature of continuous forms leave many variables, we recommend that material be sent in for testing. 

If you would like to send your material in, contact us via email for more details.

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(Factory Authorized Installation and Maintenance Program)

FAIM offers a turn key solution with installation by a factory authorized installer with application and use training.

Model 970a Specifications:

Martin Yale recommends the correct solution to your equipment needs very seriously.  The correct machine makes you money, the incorrect solution even if free will cost you money.  Pro Pack Soltuions encourages you to forward samples for testing.  Form Bursters are not a type of machinery that can be based on specification alone.  It is for this reason Martin Yale offers free form testing at their factory.