Premier® Moisteners and Stamp Affixer by Martin Yale®

It may be just a simple envelope to moisten, seal, and stamp but Martin Yale® offers solutions to make the job faster and easier. 

Premier® Moistener/Sealer All-In-One

• No more licking and hand sealing envelopes.
• Moistens and seals envelopes in one simple pass
• Easy to fill top access reservoir
• Comes with filling bottle and a convenient storage compartment in the side of unit
• Accommodates most envelope sizes
•  Enclosed housing prevents splashing and protects water supply from evaporation
Model Dimensions - Weight Item # Price
LMS1 8 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 4" - 1.4 lbs.  188M-LMS1 $Call


Premier® Stamp Affixer

The Stamp EZ™ model DL32 is a convenient and easy way to apply stamps to your envelopes, it's designed to take up the stamp backing to eliminate any mess.

Model Dimensions - Weight Item # Price
DL-32 1 5/8"w X 5 3/8"d X 1 3/16"h - 2.6oz. 188M-DL32 $Call


Premier® Moisteners

• The AquaBall™ model AQ701G has a floating ball over a reservoir of water, it's perfect for moistening your fingertips, stamps and envelopes.
• The AquaPad™ model LM3 has a cellulose wick that pulls the water up from the bottom and stays moist for days, it has a special slot to slide envelopes through and a separate spot for fingertips and stamps.
LM3 Model AQ701G
3 3/4"w X 3 3/4"d X 2 1/4"h Dimensions 2 3/4"w X 3 3/4"d X 2 1/4"h
0.3 lbs. Weight 1.5 lbs.
188M-LM3 Item Number 188M-AQ701G
$Call Price $Call