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Lewis K-710 Safety Cutter

Lewis K-710

A Safety Cutter with a spring loaded locking SAFETY HOOD. The automatic safety hood snaps shut and locks as soon as contact is lost with the cutting surface - even when the red hood release remains depressed. Knife is ergonomically designed to be used by either right or lefthanders.

Easy blade changing - no tools required. One spare blade is included inside handle. "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY."

Item #501M-K710 

Replacement Blades:

Lewis Knife Trapezoid Blade, fits K-310 and K-710 Knives
Length: 47.00 mm
Height: 18.80 mm
Thickness:0.63 mm
Packaging: 100 per box

Order Item#501C-BLADEK999

The Martor USA line of safety knives are commonly used for opening boxes, bags, and cutting substrate materials.  Seeking out and using the safest products available protects your employees as well as your business.