Martor USA

Every so often we find a new "mousetrap".  Box cutters pose a potential risk for all businesses.  Martor USA offers some of the safest cutters we have found.  The blade retracts the moment something interferes with the pressure of the cut.  The Ultrasafe is great for environments where you need an additional level of confidence when operators change out blades by incorporating a special tool for blade change outs.

Take your packing and shipping area to the next level with Martor.

Maxisafe 3 Sided Slider

Megasafe 2 Sided Slider

Ultrasafe for

Food Processing Plants

Lewis K-710 Safety Cutter

The ultimate Gift:

Save a life with the Martor

Seat Belt Cutters

Interested in saving the company money?  Transfer ownership of the cutters to your operators.  Every 6 months give each operator a knife.  If they lose it, they buy another.  If they manage to keep the knife for 6 months, give them another.  Limit your cost to two knifes per operator per year.