Phoenix E Series

Blade Kit   Blade Kit Part Number EM4-1K


Cutter Yoke Spring Oiler Felt Pad Brass Shear Guide Roller Upper Feed Wheel Shaft Collar Brass Shear Guide Roller Pivot Rod Pivot Rod Oiler Pad Spring Screw - Cover Mounting Screw - Large Washer - Control Housing Mounting 115v Top Heater

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EM3-5 Felt & Bracket
E3-4C Collar
EM3-6 Spring for Felt & Bracket
EM4-2 Brass Rollers
E4-3 Heater
E4-4 Cutter Spring
EM4-5 Pivot Rod for Heater/Felt
SC1 10-32 3/8" Screw
SC2 1/4" Screw
RP2 Washer

All of these parts also fit the Better Pack BP555, BP556, and BP554 series machines.