Phoenix E Series

Moistening Brushes - Set of 3 Water Tank Control Housing Access Cover Motor Cover

EM1-1 Top Cover - Black (Not Pictured)
EM1-2 Rear Cover - Black (Not Pictured)
  Top Cover - Gray (Not Pictured)
  Rear Cover - Gray (Not Pictured)
E1-3 Motor and Chain Cover - Black
E1-4AP Control Unit Access Cover - Black
E1-4APR Control Unit Access Cover - Gray
EM2-1 Water Tank Assembly - Black
Water Tank Assembly - Gray
EM2-2 Water Bottle - Long Style
E2-3 Moistening Brushes - Set of Three
EM2-4K Water Bottle Kit w/Mounting Brackets
SC1 10-32 3/8" Screw
RP2 Washer

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