Phoenix E Series

Heater Assy. Water Tank Control Housing Top Cover Rear Cover

(E-1 pictured above)  Click around the picture or follow the links below:

Inside the top cover     Control Housing    Controller Board and KeyPad

Blades, Heater, Oiler Pad    Tank, Brushes    Motor Side   

Tape Plates and Feed Wheels   

The only difference between the E-1 and E-2 model is the electronic eye.  If you need a replacement for the eye, order part #E1-9.

Part Number

EM1-1 Top Cover - Black
EM1-2 Rear Cover - Black
E1-3 Motor and Chain Cover - Black
E1-4 Complete Control Unit - Order Black or Gray
E1-4AP Control Unit Access Cover - Black
E1-4APR Control Unit Access Cover - Gray
E1-4D Encoder Disc
E1-4KP Key Pad
E1-5 Off/On Lighted Switch
E1-6 Foot Threadle Assembly
E1-8 Power Cord
EM2-1 Water Tank Assembly
EM2-2 Water Bottle - Long Style
E2-3 Moistening Brushes - Set of Three
EM2-4K Water Bottle Kit w/Mounting Brackets
EM3-1 Upper Tape Plate
E3-2 Lower Tape Plate
E3-3 Urethene Feed Wheel
E3-3K Urethene Feed Wheel Kit
E3-4 Feed Wheel Shaft
E3-4C Collar
EM3-5 Felt & Bracket
EM3-5K Felt & Bracket Kit
EM3-6 Spring for Felt & Bracket
E3-7 Rod Under Tape Plate
EM4-1K Shear Kit
EM4-2 Brass Rollers
E4-3 Heater
E4-3CL Heater Wire Clamp
E4-3S Heater Socket
E4-3NP Name Plate
E4-4 Cutter Spring
EM4-5 Pivot Rod for Heater/Felt
EM4-6 Retainer
E5-1 Motor Assembly
E5-2 Motor Brush (Set of 2)
E5-3 Motor Brush Cap
E5-4 Chain
E5-5 Solenoid
EM6-1 Lower Front Cover
EM6-2 Tank Shelf
EM6-3 5" Tie Screw
EM6-4 Rear Tape Basket
EM6-5 Vertical Tie Plate
EM6-6 Tape Guide
EM6-7 Tape Guide Tie Rod
EM6-8 Rubber Foot
E7-1 Lower Feed Assembly
E7-2 Cutter Yoke
EM7-3 Wood Roller
E7-4 Yoke Stop