Phoenix E Series

Parts fit the models E-1, E-2, by Phoenix and models BP555S, BP555L by Better Packages.

Upper Feed Wheel - Metal Lower Tape Plate Upper Tape Plate Upper Feed Wheel Shaft Lower Feed Wheel   Solenoid Cutter Spring

EM3-1 Upper Tape Plate
E3-2 Lower Tape Plate
M3-3 Upper Feed Wheel (metal)
E3-3 Urethene Feed Wheel (Not Pictured)
E3-3K Urethene Feed Wheel Kit (Not Pictured)
E3-4 Feed Wheel Shaft (Urethene models)
E4-4 Cutter Spring  (Right Picture)
E5-5 Solenoid (Right Picture)
E7-1 Lower Feed Assembly

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