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The Phoenix!

The standard model E-1 offers multiple lengths of tape from 6" up to 45" in 3" increments.  The innovative use of the electronic "eye" on the E-2 model offer hands free operation and dispense tape ONLY when the operator needs it.  This avoids the problem of tape drying out when it "hangs" too long.

For multiple lengths see the E-1.  For the automatic electronic model, see the E-2 model.  No power?  No problem, see the M-1 here.  The M-2 incorporates triple brush moistening and a top heater on a manual machine.  Check it out here.

We have taken the standard machines and tweaked them and added improvements to make them even better.

Standard E1 or the Pro E1

Standard E2 or the Pro E2

Standard M1or the M2 w/Heater

Gummed tape offers the best looking packages when you customer receives his/her shipment.  It pays to make sure your image is at its' best!  Phoenix does not offer a tape printer directly but the CodeTaper printer by Better Packages piggybacks both the manual and electric models. 

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