Standard Phoenix E-2

With a triple brush moistening system, adjustable water level, multiple weights, controlled dispensing speed, and a top heater, the harden dried tape glues are instantly reactivated for bonding to the cartons flaps.  Developed by John McDonald, the E-2 incorporates the the best moistening system and electronics. 

The best feature of the E-2 is its' ability to automatically dispense tape when the operator passes his/her hand in front of the electrical eye for the tape!  Most machines in robot mode "hold" the tape until used by the operator, and if not used right away, the tape will dry-out beyond use.  A piece of tape is dispensed only when the operator requires one.  On the standard E-2 the electric eye is mounted in the control housing to the left of the moistening brushes.  NEW in 2007:  The eye lights up when activated!

No worries, we service all makes and models after the warranty is over and we carry a full line of replacement parts.

For standard dispensing, the E-2 will deliver 6" to 45" in 3" increments. 
For longer lengths, Model E-2D changes the keypad to accommodate 12" up to 90" in 6" lengths. 

The E-2SPR model will automatically dispense tape without the operator having to pass his/her hand in front of the electrical eye for the tape!  The electronic eye "sees" the tape and once the tape is taken, dispenses another piece.  This model is the closest model to duplicating the former Better Pack Robot. 

The E-2RE is now available with a "Photo-Electronic Sensor" for remote mounting.  This option will allow for the electronic eye to be mounted in a conveyor for activation when the box approaches the tape machine.  The eye is available to be mounted where-ever the best location is for your packer. 

Need the Hands Free Foot Threadle, order the add +FT to the model number.
For a true random switch, add a +R to any model number.

Item # Description
175M-00E1 Phoenix E-1
175M-PROE1 Phoenix Pro E-1
175M-0E1D Phoenix E-1D Long
175M-00E2 Phoenix E-2
175M-PROE2 Phoenix Pro E-2
175M-0E2D Phoenix E-2D Long
175M-E2RE Phoenix E-2RE
175M-E2SPR Phoenix E-2SPR
175M-0310 Phoenix +FT Foot Threadle add:
175M-0310 Phoenix +R Random Switch add:
175P-KPSR Color Coded Stick-on Keypad Label

liquid_penetron.JPG (15081 bytes)Makes it stick quicker!

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