Standard Phoenix M-1

The Phoenix manual on the market today for dispensing Kraft gummed paper tapes, the M-1 at a list price of $395.00, utilizes the same cutting blades, one liter water bottle, and feed wheel system as the more popular E-1 electric series. Double moistening brushes reactivate all the dry glues on tape. Optional top heater is available for faster bonding of the tape to the carton surface.

Standard model offers easy clean knife, easy pull operation, length control, water level control and steel construction. M-1 cuts standard 60 lb. or reinforced gummed tapes 1 ½" to 3" widths. Measures up to 30" single stroke; repeat strokes - longer lengths.

  • A Great Machine
  • Guillotine Shears
  • Double Brushes

No worries, we service all makes and models after the warranty is over and we carry a full line of replacement parts.

Item # Description
175M-00M1 Phoenix Manual M-1
175M-00M2 Phoenix Manual M-2

liquid_penetron.JPG (15081 bytes)Makes it stick quicker!

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Shipping weight 22#.

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