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98 Dual Tay-per®

The 98D Dual was especially designed for high speed production where two tape lengths are required, as when cartons are sealed with three strips of tape - one along the top opening and one across each end. This closure provides great strength, and protects the contents of the carton from dust and other contaminants.

Automatically feeds, moistens, and cuts measured lengths of reinforced or plain kraft gummed carton sealing tapes at the touch of a button. Two different tape lengths from 6 to 72 inches are selected by means of color-coded levers. Lengths can be set to any length within the range, even to a fraction of an inch, for greatest efficiency of tape use. Pressing the matching color button feeds the selected length.

Double moistening brushes, heated water supply, and adjustable water level ensure optimum tape moistening. The platen pressure is adjustable for proper pressure on the tape as it passes over the brushes.

Optional accessory foot switch 98-157 available for "hands-off" operation.


Lengths dispensed:

  • Shorter length - 6" to 68", continuous
  • Longer length - 10" to 72", continuous

This machine has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  For an alternative dispenser check out the  Marsh TD2100 Premium.

Tape: Standard rolls, 1" to 4" wide.
Reinforced or plain kraft. Max. roll diameter 8".
Tape speed: 36 in./sec.
115 VAC standard
Counter Space: 11 x 19 inches
Shipping Weight: 46 lb.
Click here for operators manual.  Click here for trouble shooting guide.

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