National Package

No. 98H and 98V Tay-per


The Model 98H dispenses tape as long as the switch bar is depressed.  The 98V offers a single pre-determined length of tape from 4"-72" via a window random lengths up to the full length of the roll of tape remaining.

To set-up your machine, remove tank and bottle.  Clean brushes with mild dishwashing detergent and rinse thoroughly.  Replace brushes in the tank with the high side toward the front.  If place in backwards or out of order, the brushes will look like steps, or come to a point in the middle.  Place tank into the machine until it latches in place.  Fill water bottle, place finger over opening and place into bracket and rest on the top step in the tank extension.

Place machine on the counter and plug into a 115v, 60 Hz, AC outlet.  Lift cover and make sure the tape guides in the rear of the machine are placed in the proper slots to center the tape through the machine.  Drop a roll of tape in, guide the tape over the grooved roller and under the upper tape plate past the feed rollers.  Dispense a 12" piece of tape, check moistening.


The 98H simply dispenses tape as long as you hold the switch bar down.

The 98V allows for variable lengths by moving the large handle and viewing the length in the window until the desired number is reached.  For random lengths, hold up switch bar down until desire length is dispensed. 

Optional foot switch available for either unit.


Both models incorporate variable pressure and water levels. 

For water level adjustment, select a different step in the extended tank area. 

To adjust the pressure plate weight, move the platen weight toward the front for more, back for less.  Use caution.  Too much weight may cause jamming with the lighter weight tapes.

Heavier duty reinforced gummed tapes require more water and weight, lighter weight kraft plain tape, less.

The standard heater plugs into the side of the machine and will improve performance.  The heater is on anytime the machine is turned on.


Weekly -

For optimal performance of moistening brushes, clean with soap and water and rinse out water tank.  If operators are inverting or not using the water bottles, ask the operator if the tape is "too wet or if it is sliding all over the carton without sticking".  If they agree, have them clean or replace (older) the brushes.

Every Three Months -

Blow, brush, or wipe off accumulated tape dust, dirt, and lint from the machine.

If compressed "dry" air is available, blow out the machine and motor.

Clean and lightly oil cutting blades.

Minimal maintenance will assure years of service.