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Tay-per II Instructional Manual


The Tay-per II efficiently dispenses gummed paper and reinforced tapes from on to four inches wide.  It will feed pre-set lengths from 6" to 39", custom lengths from 4" to 99", and random lengths, limited only by the amount of tape remaining on the roll.

Unpacking - Lift the Tay-per II from the car=ton using the hand grips on the ends of the carton liner.  Remove and set aside the carton liners.  Open the top cover and remove and discard the tape which secured the weight assembly during shipment.

Set-Up - Open door 11-041, and remove the water tank 11-020 and brush 11-022.  soak the brush overnight in warm water to remove any residual oiley film on the bristles.  Place the brush in the tank with the high side toward the front, replace the tank in the machine, and close the door.  Fill bottle 11-036 with clean water, and place it on support pin 11-037 so that the spout lines up with the hold in the water tank extension.  Insert the right -angle end of the power cord innto the receptacle at the rear of right hand side frame 11-001, and plug other end into a grounded 110v, 60 Hz, AC outlet.

Loading - Set a roll of tape in the machine so that it unrolls with the adhesive side down.  Turn knurled ring 11-030 to adjust guide plates 11-029 about 1/8" wider than the width of the tape so the tape will roll freely as it is dispensed.  Trim the end of the tape so it has a clean, straight edge, with no tears or wrinkles which can cause it to jam in the cutter.  Lift pressure roll assembly 11-025, and feed the tape by hand under feed plate 11-062, past the pressure roll, and through cutter mechanism 11-052, all the way past the brush.  The machine is now ready for use.

Operation - Feed and cut preset lengths by pressing the appropriate number on the touch pad.  Press REPEAT to dispense a new piece the same length as the previous one.  For random lengths, press the RANDOM button and hold it down until the desired length is dispensed.  (The Tay-Per II runs at half-speed in RANDOM, making it easier to control the length of tape dispensed).

Special Lengths - Your Tay-Per II is easily programmed to dispense special lengths of tape.  To set a length, press the blue SET LENGTH button, then enter the desired length by pressing the button(s) with the appropriate small blue number in the lower left-hand corner, then press FEED TAPE to dispense the custom length.  For example:  To obtain an 8" length, press SET LENGTH, the 8, then FEED TAPE.  For a 26" length, press SET LENGTH, then 2, then 6, then FEED TAPE.  The shortest length which can be set is 4"; the longest is 99".  Press REPEAT to dispense another length the same as the last one.

Moistening - Because different tapes require different amounts of water and pressure to activate their adhesives properly, the Tay-per II has an adjustable moistening system.  Heavy reinforced tapes require more pressure than lightweight Kraft tapes.  Too much pressure, however can cause tapes to jam.  Move platen weight 11-086 toward the front of the machine to increase the pressure on the tape.  Decrease the pressure by moving the weight back.  Adjust the water level if necessary by means of the knurled screw 11-H179.  As long as there is water in the bottle, the water level in the tank is maintained.  Refill the bottle when is is nearly empty.

Heater - The Tay-per II has a heater to keep the water warm for faster activation of the tapes' adhesive in colder areas.  In warmer areas, where it may not be needed, the heater may be switched off to save power.  A light in the heater switch shows when the heater is on.  (The heater is always off when the main power switch is off).


As with any piece of mechanical equipment, the life and service e which can be expected from the Tay-per II depends to some extent on the care it receives.  While every effort has been made in the design and manufacture of the Tay-per II to minimize routine maintenance, you can help to add years to its life by taking a few minutes each week to:

Cycle the Tay-per II several times with no tape in place each time you put in a new roll of tape.  This helps clean and hone the edges of the cutter blade edge, and will increase the life of the cutter assembly.

DO NOT OIL - The Tay-per II has permanently lubricated bearings which do not require oiling for the life of the machine.

In the event the cutter assembly 11-52 becomes jammed with small scraps of paper, it can be rotated manually with a 3.0 MM hex key, inserted in the socket located on the end of the cutter assembly.  UNPLUG THE MACHINE and open right side cover 11-003 by turning the (3) latches 11-091 one-half turn counter-clockwise with a 5/32" hex key.  Do not use a hard metal object to clear the cutter assembly, or permanent damage to the precision cutting edges may result.

No other adjustments should be attempted in the field.  If the cutter assembly ever needs service, it should be returned to the factory to be rebuilt or exchanged for a rebuilt cutter.

Call or email for details on where to ship your machine for service.


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