National Package

98 Series Trouble Shooting Guide

Trouble Shooting your NPS machine takes only a few minutes.  Knowledge by your operators will minimize downtime during packing sessions.

Problem Remedy
Poor Moistening  
Dirty or worn moistening brushes Clean and/or replace as required
Incorrect water level Too wet, lower bottle.  Too dry, raise.
Platen weight incorrect position Too wet, move back.  Too dry, move forward.
Machine Runs Slow, Tape Feeds Erratically  
Tape roll guides binding or causing the roll of tape to flop Set tape guides to be just a little wider than the tape, centering tape through machine
Tape Jams (Behind Knife)  
Last few inches of previous roll of tape left in machine when new roll installed Take out upper feed plate and remove scrap of tape.
Dull knives do not cut tape cleanly.  Ragged end catches, causing jam Replace both knife blades.
Springs holding tension on moveable blade broken or missing Re-attach or replace springs
High humid or damp environment partially activates adhesive causing tape to stick to lower feed plate. Store tape in AC area of building until required. 
Tape Jams (Between Knives and Brushes)  
Previous length of tape left in machine when next piece is dispensed Remove both piece, clear jam.
Built up adhesive residue on lower front deflector Lift platen and clean lower front deflector
Brushes recently cleaned, replaced or removed Make sure high side of both brushes face front
Too much platen pressure Move weight to the rear of the plate
Lower deflector bent causing tape to hit too low or high on brushes Height of plate should be approximately 1/4" below tips of brushes, adjust accordingly
Electric Models:  
Machines runs continuously (depends on model)  
Dirt on photocell blocking light beam Clean with soft cloth and alcohol, or use compressed air
Photocell not lined up with holes in encoder disk Adjust mounting position of photocell
Photocell burned out or broken Replace photocell assembly
Relay defective (some models) Replace
Circuit Board defective Replace circuit board
Trip Switch defective (98V) Replace switch
Switch Bar binds in slot in switch plate Clean out slot.  Make sure flat spring is centered.
Short length dispensed when blue button pressed Defective relay. (98D model)