National Package

Double-Face Tape Dispenser

Automatically separates and rewinds the backing strip as double-faced or liner tapes are applied.  Pull on trigger and dispense like a regular tape gun, when finished release the trigger and the re-wind roll locks in place to break the adhesive at the desired place.  Very easy to use.Heavy formed steel frame with durable blue powder coat finish.  Independent adjustable friction clutches on the tape roll holder and the scrap rewind spool ensure proper performance with any weight of tape.  Ergonomic hand grip for comfort and control.

Handles tape rolls up to 5 1/2 inches in diameter on a 3" core.

No. 929-1" Transfer Tape Dispenser

  • 925 - 2 1/2 lb. Full case (5 units) - 13 lb.
  • 929 - 2 lb. Full case (12 units) - 11 lb.
  • Max. roll diameter - 5 1/2 inches

For adhesive transfer tapes up to 2" wide on a 3" core.

No. 929 1" Transfer Tape Dispenser - Item #180M-0929

No. 925 2" Transfer Tape Dispenser - Item #180M-0925

Similar construction to No. 929-1 above.

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