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No. 351 and 351SW Electric Label Dispenser


Dispenses pressure sensitive labels of any length, up to 5 1/4 inches wide. As a label is taken from the machine, the next label advances automatically.  Label feed is controlled by a photoelectric sensor. Since the label does not touch the sensor, the No. 351SW is especially well suited for dispensing small, fragile, or irregular-shaped labels. 

Solid metal construction with smooth tan powder coat finish. Heavy gauge top plate permits stamping or writing on labels as they are dispensed.

 Control switch has two positions:

  • AUTOMATIC - As a label is lifted from the machine, the roll advances until the following label projects over the photo cell, then stops. Cycle repeats as the next label is taken.
  • MANUAL - Labels advance as long as the switch is pressed.

No. 351SW Electric Label Dispenser

The No. 351SW has a scrap re-winder mounted at the rear to collect the carrier sheet as labels are dispensed. 

The No. 351 basic unit (no collector for carrier sheet) Pictured above.

Maximum label width: 5 1/4" inches, rolls or fan-fold
Maximum roll diameter: 12 inches

Counter Space:
    No. 351SW 7" x 22"

Electrical: 115VAC, 60 Hz, 2.5a

Shipping Weight:
   No. 351SW - 13 lb.

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