National Package No. 98 Tay-per


The four different model NPS 98TM Touchmatic Tay-pers offer the convenience of multiple push buttons with tape savings.  Speed, efficiency and reliability make the 98TM Touch-Matic perfect for busy shipping rooms, or wherever various sizes of cartons must be sealed quickly and securely.  

Automatically feeds, moistens, and cuts measured lengths of reinforced or plain kraft gummed tapes from 6 to 39 inches at the touch of a button, plus REPEAT and RANDOM features. Other length ranges available - see below.

REPEAT feature feeds the last selected length again, without having to remember which button was pressed. A real time saver when sealing several cartons of the same size.  RANDOM feeds tape continuously as long as the switch is held for feeding longer lengths of tape.  Cast metal construction with durable blue powder-coat finish for years of dependable service.

Double moistening brushes, heated water supply, and adjustable water level ensure optimum tape moistening. The platen pressure is adjustable for proper pressure on the tape as it passes over the brushes.


98TM (Standard)

Lengths dispensed:
98TM (Standard) 6" to 39" at 3" intervals


  • Tape: Standard rolls, 1" to 4" wide.
  • Reinforced or plain kraft. Max. roll diameter 8".
  • Tape speed: 36 in./sec.
  • 115 VAC standard
  • Counter Space: 11 x 19 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 42 lb.

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