Pull and Tear "Partner" PST Tape Dispensers

National Package

No. 101 Partner
No. 102 Partner
No. 103 Partner


Max. roll diameter: 12 inches (jumbo case sealer roll)

Shipping Wt:

  • 101 - 1 lb. Full case (12 units) - 11 lb. *
  • 101C - 1 1/2 lb. Full case (12 units) - 15 lb.*
  • 102 - 1 lb. Full case (12 units) - 12 lb.
  • 102C - 1 lb. Full case (12 units) - 16 lb.
  • 103 - 1 1/2 lb. Full case (12 units) - 14 lb.*
The new Partner dispensers are great for use at an assembly station, packing or shipping bench, on a drafting table, or anywhere you need a supply of tape ready for use, yet safely out of the way.

Mounted permanently on the side of the work station with screws, or temporarily with a clamp, it is out of the way, yet conveniently accessible whenever you need a piece of tape.

Partner dispensers are made in the U.S. of heavy 1/8" thick steel, with a smooth blue powder coat finish.

Standard 3-inch diameter core holder. Tape is easily loaded without disassembling the unit.

May be mounted on right or left side of the work station. To reverse the mounting, just remove the blade, turn the unit over, and re-fasten the blade to what is now the top. (With the portable units, the clamp must also be turned over.)

Clamp on models 101C and 102C fits bench tops up to 2" thick.

101* 1-inch Partner Disc.
101C* 1-inch Partner with clamp Disc.  
102 2-inch Partner Disc.  
102C 2-inch Partner with clamp Disc.  
103* 3-inch Partner Disc.  
100-C* Clamp only Disc.
100-R 12" Adhesive Ruler Disc.

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