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Tay-per II - Discontinued

Got noise pollution?  Need a solution to cutting the noise level in the packaging and shipping departments?  NPS offers a state of the art gummed tape dispenser an operator can actually whisper over!  This machine is sooo quiet, I call it the "Whisper Taper".

  • Simple Electronic Function
  • Versatile
  • Quiet Operation
  • Unique Cutter 
  • Made in the USA


With its array of unique features, the revolutionary Tay-per II is perfect for today's sophisticated shipping rooms.

Easy to Use - A single touch feeds a measured length of tape from 6 to 39 inches long. (6 to 72 inches for the XL version, 15 to 100 CM for the metric version.) Convenient - Large 1-liter (34 oz.) water bottle for long service time between "fill-ups." Adjustable water level and platen pressure for different tapes. Water heater is located below the water tray. Versatile - The Tay-per II is versatile and easy to use: 12 pre-set lengths for most common situations. When you need a special length, you can set any length from 4 to 99 inches, in 1-inch increments, then repeat that length as often as needed with a touch of the REPEAT button. RANDOM feeds tape as long as the button is pressed. For easier control, the tape feeds at half-speed in the RANDOM mode. Quiet - The low-voltage tape feed motor with timing belt tape drive, and the unique rotary cutter mechanism are nearly silent. Safe - The cutter of the Tay-per II is fully enclosed; it is impossible to get a finger in the path of the cutting blades. The Tay-per II is designed to meet U.S. and European safety standards. Accurate - Precision length control consistently holds measured lengths to +/- 1/8". Click here for the Instruction Manual

Made in U.S.A.

Counter Space:  10 1/2" Wide x 18" Deep
Dispensing Speed:  Up to 40" per second (20" in random mode)
Water Bottle Capacity:  1 Liter
Shipping Weight 25 lbs. 
Power Requirements:  115v, 60 Hz, 2 amps (220v optional)
Tape Width:  1" up to 4" 
Maximum Roll Size:  Up to 7 1/2" diameter roll, reinforced or plain paper kraft tape
Factory Warranty:  90 Day 

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