Universal Marking

Capillary Refillable Marking System

The SPM-10C Speedmarker is a refillable industrial quality marker which utilizes capillary action to provide a continuous supply of ink to the felt tip.  Simply pour ink into the barrel of the marker and the felt packing inside will automatically draw the ink to the felt tip. The speedmarker is the largest of the three refillable markers and is available with a round or chisel felt tip. Universal Type FD marking ink is recommended for marking on both porous & non-porous materials.

Round point on left, Chisel on right.
Replacement felt tips are packaged in quantities of one dozen per package.

Model Description Item Number
SPM-10C Capillary SpeedMarker with Round Point Felt Tip


SPM-10C-C Capillary SpeedMarker with Chisel Point Felt Tip 108M-SPM10CC
SPM-20 Round Point Felt Tips - Pack of 12 108A-SPM20
SPM-40 Chisel Point Felt Tips - Pack of 12 108A-SPM40