Universal Marking

Porous Hand Roller Coders

Printing the same information on your cartons but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?


Contact roller coders are available in a hand held device for printing on surfaces that are porous.  These coders are a perfect solution for applying date codes, lot numbers and other product information where you are looking for a low cost alternative to automatic coding via Ink Jet systems. Available in both indexing and non-indexing (continuous print) models. The 100NI model offers a 2" x 6.5" print area. The model 200 offers a 2" x 9.1" print area. Print drums accommodate Universal Ribtype rubber printing dies.

Model HP-100NI HP-200NI HP-200
Type Small Non-Indexing Large Non-Indexing Large Indexing
Print Area 2” x 6.5” 2” x 9” 2” x 9”
Overall Length 8.4” (213 MM) 9.3” (236 MM) 9.3” (236 MM)
Weight 1 LB. 11 OZ. (.77 KG) 1 LB. 11 OZ. (.77 KG) 1 LB. 10.5 OZ. (.74 KG)
Item Number 108M-HP100NI 108M-HP200NI 108M-HP200

Non-Indexing left, Indexing right.
(Indexing = 1 print revolution)