AIE Bag Maker

Model AIE-450FC

Bag Maker/Foot Sealer Model AIE-450FC

Item #115M-450FC

Make your own open ended poly bags out of poly tube stock up to 15 inch widths, fast and easy.  The AIE-450FC model is simple to use, pull the amount you need off the roll, press the foot pedal, slide the cutter, release the pedal, and you have a bag.

The standard unit comes with an adjustable timing knob for materials from 1mil up to 6mil.  Set the timing longer for thicker stock. 

Item Number:  115M-450FC
Weight: 53 Pounds
Max Seal Length:  15"
Max Seal Thickness:  6mil
Seal Width:  2mm
Power Requirements:  120 Volt, 600 Watts