AIE - American International Electric

Impulse Arm Sealers

Arm Sealers to Seal Bags

Key Benefits

  • Fast
  • Completely seals the bag
  • Adjustable timer 

Table top thermal impulse arm sealers provide a quick, efficient, and low cost means for sealing any type of thermoplastic film. Adjustable timer allows for the different thickness in bags. Available in 4", 8", 12", and 16" standard. Cutter models available for 8" and 12". Heavy duty models in 8" and 12" also available. Call or e-mail for repair kit information.

Sealed bags allow your customers to view the product before opening it. Sealers also secure all products together from you to your customer. Your merchandise will also stay cleaner.

Standard models:

Model AIE-100T AIE-200 AIE-205
Max Seal Length 4" 8" 8"
Max Seal Thick 5 mil 6 mil 8 mil
Seal Width 2mm 2mm 5mm
Watts 200w 350w 600w
Weight 6 lbs 8 lbs 9 lbs
Our Item # 115M-0100T 115M-0200 115M-0205
Model AIE-300 AIE-305 AIE-400P AIE-500
Max Seal Length 12" 12" 16" 20"
Max Seal Thick 6 mil 8 mil 6 mil 6 mil
Seal Width 2mm 5mm 2mm 2mm
Watts 500w 850w 750w 800w
Weight 11 lbs 12 lbs 14 lbs 17 lbs
Our Item # 115M-0300 115M-0305 115M-0400P 115M-0500

Models with cutters:

Model AIE-200C AIE-205C AIE-300C
Max Seal Length 8" 8" 12"
Max Seal Thick 6 mil 8 mil 6 mil
Seal Width 2mm 5mm 2mm
Watts 350w 600w 500w
Weight 10 lbs 12 lbs 12 lbs
Our Item # 115M-0200C 115M-0205C 115M-0300C
Model AIE-305C AIE-400C AIE-405C
Max Seal Length 12" 16" 16"
Max Seal Thick 8 mil 6 mil 8 mil
Seal Width 5mm 2mm 5mm
Watts 850w 750w 1000w
Weight 14 lbs 16 lbs 15 lbs
Our Item # 115M-0305C 115M-0400C 115M-0405C

Now available: The largest hand sealer! A big 18-32" sealer using a round wire. Click here for more info.

Operators not using your current sealers properly? Raising the arm too quick creates a very poor seal. Click here for the Semi-Automatic Hand Impulse Sealers with Holding Magnet. Takes the guess work out of sealing.


10mm Seal With Beeper & Cutter
This unit is specially designed and recommended for the health care industry. It creates air and watertight seals on sterilization rolls (paper-plastic) and sterilization tubing (plastic-plastic) materials. This compact unit has a built-in warning beeper to notify the user when each seal is complete. The seal produced is a embossed, honeycomb texture 10-millimeters wide. This medical impulse sealer is designed especially for the Health Care Professionals, but it can be used for many other applications that require wider and stronger seals. Equipped with cutting blade.  Model #AIE-210C

Model AIE-210C
Max Seal Length 8"
Max Seal Thick 10 mil
Seal Width 10mm
Watts 1000w
Weight 13 lbs
Our Item # 115M-0210C