AIE - American International Electric

Band Sealers

Sealing lots of bags?  Band sealers are easy to use and seal poly bags as fast as you can insert them into the unit.  These units are fully adjustable with temperature and speed.  Higher temps are needed for thicker bags and/or faster recuperation.  Bags are sealed and congealed then fall off the end of the short conveyor belt.

AIE-6201 Band Sealer

Models available depending upon application. Start bag into belts, and the machine will "carry" the bag, seal and optionally print coded messages on the bag.   Model on left is the AIE-B6201. Order Item #115M-6201. 

Portable Vertical Band Sealer model #AIE-B6202 allows for sealing a bag in the "standing position" and is ideal for sealing bags containing spillable items like powders, liquids, grains, etc.  Conveyor speeds from 0-40 feet per minute.  Adjustable height, heat and speed.  Optional embossing wheel and type extra.  Model on right is the AIE-B6202. Order Item #115M-6202.

aie-b6202.gif (8147 bytes)

aie-b7202.gif (7131 bytes)

Continuous Automatic Band Sealer model #AIE-B7202 is ideal for sealing poly bags of most any size or length.  The AIE-B7202 is standard with variable speed control, and heat control.  Imprinter for dating bags or identifying product when sealed.  Model on left is the AIE-B7202. Order Item #115M-7202.


Model AIE-B7202 AIE-B6201 AIE-B6202
Thickness Seal
20 mil
20 mil
20 mil
900 W
450 W
450 W
30 ft./min
50 ft./min
50 ft./min
110 lbs
87 lbs
88 lbs
Item #

*Can Seal 12 " Bag With Extended Shaft. Most of these units have about a 1/2" seal.

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