AIE - American International Electric

Double Table Top Impulse Sealers


Double Impulse Sealers

Automatic Single / Double Impulse Sealers.

Model: AIE-305FDA, 455FDA, 605FDA, 310FDA, 410FDA, 610FDA.

Heavy duty, single or double, automatic or manual impulse heat sealer. Seals up to 20 mil gusseted or regular thermoplastic film selector switch controls  your choice of a single heat seal or double heat seal. Separate programmable timers for heating, congealing, and recycling cycle. Create perfect seals every time. Foot switch included for manual operation.

Available in 5 mm and 10 mm sealing widths.

Model AIE-305FDA AIE-310FDA AIE-455FDA
Max Seal Length 12" 12" 18"
Max Seal Thick 20 mil 20 mil 20 mil
Seal Width 5 mm 10 mm 5 mm
Watts 1600W 2100W 1900W
Weight 47 LBS 49 LBS 51 LBS
Our Item # 115M-305FDA 115M-310FDA 115M-455FDA


Model AIE-410FDA AIE-605FDA AIE-610FDA
Max Seal Length 18" 24" 24"
Max Seal Thick 20 mil 20 mil 20 mil
Seal Width 10 mm 5 mm 10 mm
Watts 2500W 2300W 2900W
Weight 53 LBS 55 LBS 57 LBS
Our Item # 115M-410FDA 115M-605FDA 115M-610FDA

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