AIE - American International Electric

Shrink Wrap Systems

Economical Systems  For Shrink Wrapping your packages.

Need something even more economical?  Buy just the heat gun AIE-HGI and use a pair of scissors to cut the film, and order an arm sealer to seal the edges!  Dispense the film by hand.  The heat gun is also handy from removing old poly tape and pressure sensitive labels from boxes. 

Order the Heat Gun with our item #115M-HGI.  Heat gun is a two speed rated at 120v, 1200W 1000°F/600°F, 2 lbs.

Economical L-Bar Sealing System

L-Bar sealers make it a one step operation!

Item #115M-1313L

Film Holder included. Film and heat gun sold separately.

One Step System allows operators to seal both sides of the film at the same time.   Max Seal 13" x 13", max circum of 26", using 115v, 500w power supply. Shipping weight 18 pounds.