AIE - American International Electric

Hand Double Sealers

Hot and fast...

Impulse Sealer:

Top and bottom heating elements for applications that require the sealing of thick bags. This heavy duty hand operated unit can seal up to 20 mil  material. Excellent for plastic lined, foil and gusset.

Model: AIE-305HD, 310HD


  1. Heavy duty hand operated wide double seal.
  2. Heavy duty transformer, for heavy duty production.
  3. Strong cast aluminum housing.
  4. Portable bench top model with slot machine type handle.

Smallest table top  double sealer available.  Seal up to 9" of material up to 20 mil thick.  This hand operated unit will speed up production.  Ideal for thick or gusseted bags.  Aluminum housing.  110v, 1000w power requirement.  

Item # Model # Seal Dimensions Max Seal Electrical Weight
115M-0306 AIE-305HD 12" x 5mm 20 mm 1500W 27#
115M-0307 AIE-310HD 12" x 10mm 20 mm 2000W 28#

Constant Heat Sealer:

This special hand sealer is excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. A beautiful mesh seal , 5/8 inch wide by 12 inches long. Ideal for producing wide seals on thick bags. Portable bench top unit with slot machine type handle.
Model: AIE-300HC
Item # Model # Seal Dimensions Max Seal Electrical Weight
115M-300HC AIE-300HC 12" x 15mm Varied 350W 26#