AIE - American International Electric

Clam Shell Sealers

Hand Held Constant Heat

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Key Benefits

  • Fast
  • Economical
  • Use on thicker plastics

Ideal sealer for clam shell packaging or for tacking. Model# AIE-772 seals ½" x ¼".

Dual heat multi-purpose hand held constant heat sealer for "spot" sealing clam shells. Ideal for helping to prevent pilferage. Supplied with a high and low temperature control switch with power light and proportional temperature control system.  Temperature settings LO 180°C / High 210°C.

Spot seal OPS, PSP, PVC, and EPS materials.

Item # Model # Seal Dimensions Max Seal Electrical Weight
115M-0772 AIE-772 10 mm x 5 mm 100 mil 14.5W, 115v 2#

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