AIE - American International Electric

Ultrasonic Clam Shell Sealer

The Ultrasonic Hand Held Sealer offers the fastest hand held method for sealing clam shells.  Dual heat multi-purpose hand held ultrasonic heat sealer. Ideal for sealing thin clam shells or for tacking. No waiting time to preheat. Spot seals OPS, PSP, PVC, and EPS materials. Safe, Simple, and Easy to use.

clam shell sealer
Item #115M-0772UL

Instant! Safe! Neat! Efficient !

Seal Length 3mm, width 5mm, Sealing Time 0-3 Seconds, Sonic Cycle 60 KHZ, 110v, 0.4A, 2 lbs.

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We also carry the Aspal-Point-V UltraSonic sealer.