Heat Sealing to Close Bags:

Your choice with heat sealing are varied.  Heat sealing works with the majority of the types of bags manufactured. Impulse sealers cycle the heat on and off and work best with lighter weight bags up to 5 or 6 mil. For thicker bags or heavy duty applications constant heat sealers work faster and better.

For low quantities the standard Arm Sealer works great. To help operators that are unable to properly time the congealing, we recommend the Arm Sealers with magnets. The magnet stays active until the cycle is complete.

A hand held 6" wide Constant Heat Sealer is also available for low quantity sealing.

For random sealing the hand held Constant Heat Roller Sealer is available. The roller seal seals poly material on curves and straight lines. Three different roller configurations are available.

For medium quantities were some automation is required the Foot Sealers and the Automatic Table Top Sealers work better. Both models are available in Impulse and Constant heating cycles.

For heavier bag like foil and Mylar use the Double Hand Sealer.

Where large quantities of bags need to be sealed, the Band Sealers work best. The operator fills the bag and inserts it into the Band Sealer and the sealer automatically seals the bag and drop it out the other end. Vertical Band Sealers work best with loose or liquid products.  Optional embossing is available.