Label Applicators

Labeling covers a very wide range of products and methods. We handle products that are hand held to table top units.  The best method to starting is deciding which of three types of labels you are using.  We have a picture page of some of the models we carry here.

1) Plain paper stock.  Printing is done either on your own desktop printer or by a professional print shop. The label requires either clear tape over the label or adhesive on the back it for placement on an item.

If clear tape is used, a label protection tape dispenser is required. Standard units are either 4" or 6" wide.  We offer both units, click here. 

If an adhesive is required for application the operator can use a spray adhesive or a liquid glue.  Spray glue is used in low production areas and can be a little pricy. We offer spray glue in aerosol cans by ABM Marking. Click here. Two type of machines are available for adhering the liquid glue to the label, electric or manuals.

If your operation does not have electricity available, manual gluers are your only option.  Gluefast offers the small Label-Pro for labels up to 5 1/2" wide.  Potdevin offers the LH series pasters.

The electric models range in size, speed, and style. The two main manufacturers we handle are Gluefast and Potdevin. Click and visit for a wide range of products.

2) Pressure Sensitive. Now the most common form of labeling products, yet carries the highest cost per label. Pressure sensitive labels are either singular or on a roll. To dispense you either apply by hand or automatically by a machine. We concentrate on applications by hand, and low end automatic application.

Hand held units are simple but limited by the size of the label and roll diameter. We carry the Start units. These units work well with small labels that are "die-cut".

Manual "Pull and Take" label dispensers are great for small labeling applications without power.  We carry several models. The Label Caddy is the most basic. Metal versions include the 301 and Model 1700. We also carry the Label King Tape and Label Dispenser.

Basic electric models present the label to the operator for application. Electric models either use a proximity "eye" or a lever switch. We carry 5 different manufacturers and depending upon application we will make recommendations. We carry the Start, Dispensa-matic, NPS, Tach-it, and Sidewinder by Joseph Manufacturing.

If you are looking for an automatic label placement machine I recommend finding a local source.  Most machines of this type are specially made with jigs and require hands on demonstrations and set-up.  We have used Joseph Manufacturing in the past and will help you to get set up if you need some info.  Email our sales department with your info and application and we will get you started.

3) Gummed paper stock.  Printing is done via your desktop system or professionally. Labels are printed on a special paper that is laminated with a water activated adhesive.  The only manufacturer left is Gluefast with their 5 1/2" wick roller moistener, model C or S.  The only other alternative is to use an electric gluer with a 5% glue mixture for the roller to "pick up" the water and apply to the back of the label.