Shrink Wrapping Systems

Shrink wrapping is available by utilizing one of four methods depending upon quantity being produced.

Method 1:

The economical system utilizes a manual system of cutting and shrinking.  A simple system of using an "arm" sealer and heat gun.

Method 2:

Use an "I" Bar sealer. This faster system holds the roll of film for easy dispensing and incorporates a built in sealer/cutter.  The operator is required to rotate the product 90 degrees to seal the open end before applying heat to shrink.

Method 3:

The use of the "L" bar sealer eliminates the step of the operator having to rotate the parcel 90 degrees by sealing both sides at the same time. Production picks up and Shrink Tunnels should be considered.

Method 4:

The last method is a more fully automatic system.  Operators place the product and depending upon options, the product gets processed automatically. We highly recommend working with a local provider for solutions in this range. Savings can be huge with the proper equipment. If you need assistance, email your requirements and location and we will endeavor to find a source.