Specialized Tape Dispensers

Double Sided Tape:

Hand Held:

For 1" or 2" units that remove the backing: 929 and 925 Models

Table Top:

Deluxe 928 Model or The basic 926 Model


Depending upon type of tape if you have if the backing is left on we are able to dispense many types through either the M1000 or the No. 150 TapeMate. Both machines will clean cut the tape.

If the backing is removed, the M1000-modified with an optional liner remover may work.  The best option is to send a sample roll to our Los Angeles facility for testing.  Advise lengths required. Email your request to our sales department by clicking here for handling.

PVC tape on a carousel:

For easy removal, press one button and get a half circle of tape dispensed and cut.  Check out the Zcut2.  Great for electrical shops and gift packaging.