Choices in Coding

Choices for coding are wide and varied.  Pricing is as low as $3.00 up to thousands depending upon user intervention and complexity of message. Coding is available from coding the container to coding the pallet.

Box Coding is available for printing messages via three delivery methods.

If a conveyor is used either ink jet systems are available or the lower cost roller coders.

Ink jet can run from basic start up systems from $1,300 up to $15,000 depending upon complexity of the message. 

Roller coders are available in 1" up to 3" high with a message length up to 9" long. Cost range from $350 up to $1,000 depending upon requirements and size.

Stencil machines are great for repeated messages in quantity when the font size is great or the surface printed on is wood, metal, or cardboard and the product is too bulky to pass by on a conveyor.

The simplest coding method is by the operator's hand.

Hand held markers are available but require the operator to print legible. 

If the message is repeated over and over, we also carry hand held stampers that offer a RIBtype® surface for inserting individual messages and lettering that can change as required.  The hand stamps are custom made from 1" x 2" and up. Letter and number kits as well as stamp pads are available in a wide range of sizes.  We also carry self-inker stampers. Email or call with your requirements.

Tape Coding is available for printing on the tape as it is dispensed from gummed tape dispensers.  This is a very effective method for identifying last minute date coding information or when a company wants to keep track of which employee packed an order for shipment. Coders are available for the Better Pack, Cyklop, Marsh, and Phoenix gummed tape dispensers.

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