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Decollaters - by Martin Yale

Dispenser, Film

Film Dispenser - Stretch Wrap Tools

Dispensers, Label  Click here for a Picture Page on Label Dispensers.

Electric Label Dispenser Models

Bottle-matic - Labeling Bottles Single or double models.
Dispensa-matic U-25 - Labels up to 2.5"
Dispensa-matic U-45 - Labels up to 4.5" 
Dispensa-matic U-60  - Labels up to 6" 
Dispensa-matic "II" models - Labels up to 15" wide.  6", 10", and 16" models.
Dispensa-matic "III" models - Customized sticky side up dispensers.
Dispensa-sheet II - Single sheet label dispenser.
G&T - Labels up to 2 1/2" wide with counter, speed control, and delay stop.
KL-150 - Longer labels with unique delay cycle
LD (NV) Series by Start   - Labels dispensers from 2" up to 7" 
No. 351SW Label Dispenser by NPS 
Selecta-Matic D-5 - Dispenses up to 5 rolls in one dispenser.
Side Winder - Roll Label dispenser for longer labels. 
TAL-250, TAL450 - Electric Label Dispensers
TAL-250PE, TAL-450PE, and TAL750HD - Photo Eye Label Dispensers
TAL-250SS, TAL-450SS, and TAL-750HDSS - Stainless Steel Label Dispenser
TAL-3000 Series - Tamp, Wipe, or Round Label applicators.

Manual Label Dispenser Models

Deluxe Model 1700
Label Caddy - Low priced plastic unit
Label King - Best in class 6", 12", and 18" models.
LAB01 - Manual Bottle Labelor
LDM- Table Top or Wall Mountable 2 1/2" - 12" widths.
Model No. 301 Manual "Pull and Take" Label Dispenser - Discontinued 2003
Model No. 322 - Smallest metal unit on the market for 1" wide labels
NV030, NV060, NV100 - Hand held gun type label dispenser
Scooter - Hand held label dispenser
Simple Simon:  All metal table top manual label dispenser.
TAL-5M, TAL10M - "Pull and Take"
TAL-250M, TAL-450M - Crank handle manual label dispenser

Printing Label Dispensers

MS2000 Series Labelers - Discontinued

See Take-A-Label Printing options - click here.

Dispensers, Tape

Gummed Kraft Reinforced and Paper Tape Dispensers

Automatic Case Sealer - using gummed tapes to automatic seal top and bottom.

Electronic Models:  Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

98TM - NPS Brand Multiple Push Button Electronic Model
BP500 - Better Pack Model BP500 Multiple Length w/Repeat
BP500IJ - Better Pack model BP500 with an Ink Jet attachment for coding the tape on demand.
BP555eS and BP555eL - Better Packages Multiple Length
BP555eSA - Better Packages Multiple Length, Robot
BP555eLA - Better Packages Multiple Length, Robot
BP754 - Better Packages Duel Length Repeater
BP755 - Better Packages Single Definite Length
C-24 - Discontinued - Cyklop Multi-function Electronic
C-25 - Cyklop Multi-function Electronic
CET-301 - Discontinued - Cyklops Single Length 
CET-302 - Discontinued - Cyklops Dual Length  
CET-322 - Discontinued - Cyklops Multiple Length Machine 
CS3000 - Gummed Tape Case Sealer
E-1 - Phoenix Multiple Length Machine
E-2 - Phoenix Multiple Length Machine with Automatic Feature
Electra - Marsh Multiple Programmable Length Machine
Taper-II - Quietest Machine on the Market. - Discontinued.
TD2100 - TDE series Marsh Programmable Length Machine
Ultra - Discontinued - Marsh Multiple Length Machine
98TM - NPS Brand Multiple Push Button 
No. 98 Dual Tay-per 2  NPS Two Length Machine - Discontinued
No. 98H Random Length  NPS Random Machine - Discontinued
No. 98 Vuematic Tay-per Single Length  Automatic dispensing. Discontinued

Gummed TapeClick the picture for more info.

Water Activated TapeWith Better Pack Tape from Better Packages.

Pros and Cons of the different models??  Click here.

Electric Models:    Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

B1-4 - Disc 2005.  Akro-matic "Stick Shift" Random Length
BP554 Duet - Two Length - Disc 1999 by Better Packages
BP555 - Multiple Length - Disc 1999 by Better Packages
BP556 - Robot - Single Length - Disc 1999 by Better Packages
EZ-2 - Disc 2005.  Akro-matic Single Length Touch Cover
Rebuilt models - BP555 series machines old style rebuilt.

Manual Models:     Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

BP333 Plus - (formerly BP333, TS333) Better Packages Manual
CMT102 - (formerly CMT-32/CMT100) Cyklop All Metal Manual.
M-1 - Phoenix Manual Machine
M-2 - Phoenix Manual Machine with top heater.
No. 208 Lever Operated up to 1 1/2" GSO Tapes by NPS
Pro-1 - Discontinued 2005.  Akro-matic Manual
TD2100 - TDH Marsh Manual Machine
TS150 - (formerly CB33A) Heavy Duty Better Packages Manual for 4" Wide Tapes
TS100 - Discontinued 1998
TS404 - Better Packages 1 1/2" GSO Tapes.
52-Tayper - Manual with two preset stops 
5HT - Discontinued Marsh Manual Machine

Pull & Tear Models:     Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

Express® 1 1/2 - BPS model for 1 1/2" GSO tape
No. 22 Pull & Tear up to 3" by NPS
No. 31 - Discontinued - NPS model for 1 1/2" GSO tape
Packer® 3S - Features a subway feed for up to 3" wide reinforced gummed tapes
Simplex® 3 - Economy 3" model - Discontinued

Optional Equipment:  

CodeTaper® - Tape printer for gummed tape machines.
Foot Pedals - For the BP555e series models.
INK-JET - BP500IJ now available for printing as tape is dispensed.
SpaSaver Stand - Discontinued Tape Machine Stand for BP555S, BP556, BP554
Tape Aerial - Fits on BPI BP555, BP554, BP556 or Phoenix E-1, E-2 models.
Tape Aerial - Model TA2000 for the BP555e series models.
Tape Printer -  For:  BP555S, BP556, BP333, BP754, BP755, M-1, E-1, E-2
Tape Printer - Cyklop Printer for the C-24 or C-25
Tape Printer Supplies - Ink and logo
Water Conditioner for making tape stick faster.  Add to any tape dispenser or mailing machine using gummed paper. 

Pressure Sensitive Dispensers

Electronic Models:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

Babymatic - Cyklop 3" with auto cutter PST
Baby Umet 75 - 3" pressure sensitive tape dispenser.
Better Pack PS2a - 2" pressure sensitive tape dispenser with auto features.
Better Pack PS3e - Discontinued 2005.  See the Baby Umet 75.  Up to 3" widths.
Double Face Tape Dispenser or Simple Double Face Tape Dispenser
Foam Tape Dispenser - TDA080NS
Hand Held Double Face Tape Dispenser
M1000 - Several variations for up to 2" widths.           
Model 6100 - Automatic double 1" dispenser or single 2" roll
No. 112 Tapemate by NPS
No. 150 Tapemate II  by NPS
RT-5000 - Core-less 2", (2 roll) dispenser.
TDA080 - 3" wide Electronic Cutter Models.
TDA150 - 5.9" wide Electronic Cutter Models.
ZCUT2-1 - Electronic carousel dispenser .51"-.98" lengths
ZCM3000 - Electronic up to 3" widths
ZCUT3060 - Discontinued Heavy duty Electronic Manual/Auto .59"-2.36" widths
ZCUT3150-1 - Discontinued Heavy duty Unit Manual/Auto .59"-5.9" widths
ZCUT3250-1 - Discontinued Heavy duty Unit Manual/Auto .59"-9.84" widths

We recommend filling our our Material Evaluation Form to help us find the best dispenser for your needs.  Click here.

Hand Held Tape Guns:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

2" & 3" Dispensers - 2" and 3" hand held tape dispensers.       
2" & 3" Safety Dispensers - Patented safety feature avoids injuries from exposed blades.
Tape Wrangler - 2" wide Duct Tape Dispenser hand held or wall mountable.

Manual Lever Operated:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

Big Inch® 4 - Lever - Discontinued
G822X - Lever operated unit - Discontinued.           
SL-3 - Tach-It 3" lever operated unit.
TDH-080 - Lever operated up to 3.15" wide tape
ZCM0300 - Lever operated unit up to 1" width.
No. 164 Manual  - Multiple rolls up to 4" wide - Discontinued
No. 166 Manual - Multiple rolls up to 6" wide - Discontinued

Manual Pull and Tear:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

The Gift Wrap Paddle Wheel - Great for gift wrap depart.                          
InLine Multi-Roll Dispenser - 1",2",3", or 4" roll models.
NPS Partner - Simple but discontinued.
NPS 924 - 4 -1" roll pressure sensitive tape dispenser.

Electric Paper Cutters - by Martin Yale

Ergonomic Computer Supplies - by Martin Yale