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With Better Pack Tape from Better Packages.

Kraft Gummed Tape

How to buy Gummed Tape - Best for Sealing Boxes.  How to buy...
Gummed Tape - Better Pack Tape from Better Packages.
Gummed Tape - Holland Manufacturing Brand - Cobra, Hi-Tech, Green Wave

Pressure Sensitive Tape - 2" and 3" Acrylic Carton Sealing
Produce Tape - 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"

Tape Dispensers  

Gummed Kraft Reinforced and Paper Tape Dispensers

Electronic Models:     Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

98TM - NPS Brand Multiple Push Button Electronic Model
BP500 - Better Pack Model BP500 Multiple Length w/Repeat
BP500IJ - Better Pack model BP500 with an Ink Jet attachment for coding the tape on demand.
BP555e - Better Packages Multiple Length
BP555eSA - Better Packages Multiple Length, Robot
BP555eLA - Better Packages Multiple Length, Robot
BP754 - Better Packages Duel Length Repeater
BP755 - Better Packages Single Definite Length
C-24 - Discontinued - Cyklop Multi-function Electronic
C-25 - Cyklop Multi-function Electronic
CET-301 - Discontinued - Cyklops Single Length 
CET-302 - Discontinued - Cyklops Dual Length  
CET-322 - Discontinued - Cyklops Multiple Length Machine 
CS3000 - Gummed Tape Case Sealer
E-1 - Phoenix Multiple Length Machine
E-2 - Phoenix Multiple Length Machine with Automatic Feature
Electra - Marsh Multiple Programmable Length Machine
Taper-II - Quietest Machine on the Market. - Discontinued.
TD2100 - TDE series Marsh Programmable Length Machine
Ultra - Discontinued - Marsh Multiple Length Machine
98TM - NPS Brand Multiple Push Button 
No. 98 Dual Tay-per 2  NPS Two Length Machine - Discontinued
No. 98H Random Length  NPS Random Machine - Discontinued
No. 98 Vuematic Tay-per Single Length  Automatic dispensing. Discontinued

Gummed TapeWater Activated Tape

Pros and Cons of the different models??  Click here.

Electric Models:    Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

B1-4 - Disc 2005.  Akro-matic "Stick Shift" Random Length
BP554 Duet - Two Length - Disc 1999 by Better Packages
BP555 - Multiple Length - Disc 1999 by Better Packages
BP556 - Robot - Single Length - Disc 1999 by Better Packages
EZ-2 - Disc 2005.  Akro-matic Single Length Touch Cover
Rebuilt models - Same machines, but rebuilt.

Manual Models:     Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

BP333 Plus - (formerly BP333, TS333) Better Packages Manual
CMT102 - (formerly CMT-32/CMT100) Cyklop All Metal Manual.
M-1 - Phoenix Manual Machine
M-2 - Phoenix Manual Machine with top heater.
No. 208 Lever Operated up to 1 1/2" GSO Tapes by NPS
TD2100 - TDH Marsh Manual Machine
Pro-1 - Discontinued 2005.  Akro-matic Manual
TS150 - (formerly CB33A) Better Packages Manual for 4" Wide Tapes
TS100 - Discontinued 1998
TS404 - Better Packages 1 1/2" GSO Tapes.
52-Tayper - Manual with two preset stops 
5HT - Marsh Manual Machine

Pull & Tear Models:     Click here for a Picture Page on Gummed Tape Dispensers.

Express® 1 1/2 - BPS model for 1 1/2" GSO tape
No. 22 Pull & Tear up to 3" by NPS
No. 31 - NPS model for 1 1/2" GSO tape
Packer® 3S - Features a subway feed for up to 3" wide tape
Simplex® 3 - Economy 3" model - Discontinued

Optional Equipment:  

CodeTaper® - Model CT2004 for the BP555e series.
Foot Pedals - For the BP555e series models.
INK-JET - Call for details.  New technology is now available for easy printing.
SpaSaver Stand - Tape Machine Stand for BP555S, BP556, BP554
Tape Aerial - Fits on BPI BP555, BP554, BP556 or Phoenix E-1, E-2 models.
Tape Aerial - Model TA2000 for the BP555e series models.
Taper Printer -  For:  BP555S, BP556, BP333, BP754, BP755, M-1, E-1, E-2
Tape Printer - Cyklop Printer for the C-24
Tape Printer Supplies - Ink and logo  Logo and RIBtype®
Water Conditioner for making tape stick faster.  Add to any tape dispenser or mailing machine using gummed paper. 

Pressure Sensitive Dispensers

Electronic Models:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

Babymatic - Cyklop 3" with auto cutter PST
Baby Umet 75 - 3" pressure sensitive tape dispenser.
Better Pack PS2a - 2" pressure sensitive tape dispenser with auto features.
Better Pack PS3e - Discontinued 2005.  See the Baby Umet 75.  Up to 3" widths.
Double Face Tape Dispenser or Simple Double Face Tape Dispenser
Foam Tape Dispenser - TDA080NS
Hand Held Double Face Tape Dispenser
M1000 - Several variations for up to 2" widths.           
Model 6100 - Automatic double 1" dispenser or single 2" roll
No. 112 Tapemate by NPS
No. 150 Tapemate II  by NPS
RT-5000 - Core-less 2", (2 roll) dispenser.
TDA080 - 3" wide Electronic Cutter Models.
TDA150 - 5.9" wide Electronic Cutter Models.
ZCUT2-1 - Electronic carousel dispenser .51"-.98" lengths
ZCM3000 - Electronic up to 3" widths
ZCUT3060 - Discontinued Heavy duty Electronic Manual/Auto .59"-2.36" widths
ZCUT3150-1 - Discontinued Heavy duty Unit Manual/Auto .59"-5.9" widths
ZCUT3250-1 - Discontinued Heavy duty Unit Manual/Auto .59"-9.84" widths

We recommend filling our our Material Evaluation Form to help us find the best dispenser for your needs.  Click here.

Hand Held Tape Guns:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

2" & 3" Safety Dispenser - Avoid injuries from sharp knives.
Standard 2" & 3" Dispensers      
Tape Wrangler - 2" wide Duct Tape Dispenser hand held or wall mountable.

Manual Lever Operated:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

Big Inch® 4 - Lever - Discontinued
G822X - Lever operated unit - Discontinued.           
SL-3 - Tach-It 3" lever operated unit.
ZCM0300 - Low end unit
TDH-080 - Lever operated up to 3.15" wide tape
No. 164 Manual  - Multiple rolls up to 4" wide - Discontinued
No. 166 Manual - Multiple rolls up to 6" wide - Discontinued

Manual Pull and Tear:   Click here for a Picture Page on PST Dispensers.

The Gift Wrap Paddle Wheel - Great for gift wrap depart.                          
InLine Multi-Roll Dispenser - 1",2",3", or 4" roll models.
NPS Partner - Simple but discontinued.
NPS 924 - 4 -1" roll pressure sensitive tape dispenser.

Tape Wrapper

Twist Tie Machines    Click here for a Picture Page on Twist Tying.

HD38, HD58, HD78 - Plasties Twist Tie Machines 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" models.
MagiCoder - Optional printer on twist tie for dating
Model #3555 - Manual Twist Tie Dispenser - Low Production Areas
Model XL-2 - for larger applications up to 2"
Model XV 603, 605, 608 - 3/8", 5/8", 7/8" twist tie machines
Tie-Out Station - A new way to bundle 2-12 hangers without having to lift them off the rail!
Twist Tie Material - Twist Tie material and Cable Ties
Twist Tie Setups - Plasties machines in different positions tying different materials.

Types of folds chart - by Martin Yale